Does anyone else think the scent of Glossier You have changed?

Did Glossier You Change? 2024 Update: Fan Favorite Reformulated

Glossier You has been a super popular perfume for a long time. People love how it smells different on everyone and isn’t too strong. But lately, there’s been talk that Glossier changed the perfume. I love trying out new beauty stuff, so I looked into it for you! This article will tell you all about the changes to Glossier You, if there’s anything that smells similar to the old one, and answer any questions you might have about this perfume.

Many fans have been buzzing about a potential reformulation of the brand’s signature scent, Glossier You. Did your favorite perfume change? Let’s dive into the rumors and explore the new formula.

A Nostalgic Love Affair


Glossier, You hold a special place in the hearts of many. Launched in the late 2010s, it captured the essence of the “no-makeup makeup” trend with its unique, skin-like scent. This perfume wasn’t about overpowering fragrance but about a personal, warm aura that developed with your body chemistry.

Reformulation Rumors

Did Glossier You Change? 2024 Update: Fan Favorite Reformulated
Did Glossier You Change? 2024 Update: Fan Favorite Reformulated

In 2022, whispers started circulating about a reformulation of Glossier You. Fans claimed the new version smelled different, with a more pungent alcohol scent and less longevity.


The Truth Behind the Change


Glossier confirmed the formula update in 2022. They assured customers it was a minor adjustment to comply with new EU regulations regarding specific fragrance ingredients. While reformulations happen frequently in the perfume industry, some fans weren’t happy with the perceived changes in scent and longevity.


New Formula vs. Old: What’s Different?


Did Glossier You Change? 2024 Update: Fan Favorite Reformulated
Did Glossier You Change? 2024 Update: Fan Favorite Reformulated

The reformulated Glossier You might have a slightly different scent profile due to removing a specific ingredient, butylphenyl methylpropional (Lilial), to comply with regulations. This ingredient reportedly boosted projection and longevity in the original formula.


Is the New Glossier You Bad?


Did Glossier You Change? 2024 Update: Fan Favorite Reformulated
Did Glossier You Change? 2024 Update: Fan Favorite Reformulated

Not necessarily! While some miss the original’s stronger projection, the new formula is free of potential allergens and irritants. Additionally, some users prefer the new, softer scent profile.


Here’s a breakdown of the key points:

  • Glossier You reformulated in 2022 to comply with EU regulations.

  • The reformulation removed Lilial, which may have affected scent and longevity.

  • The new formula offers a softer scent profile and is free of potential allergens.

Ultimately, the best way to decide is to try the new Glossier You for yourself!


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Glossier You: Reformulated But Still Unique?

Here’s the answer to your questions about Glossier You:

1. Did Glossier change their formula for You?

Yes, Glossier reformulated You in 2022 to comply with new EU regulations on fragrance ingredients. They removed an ingredient called Lilial, which some users believe affected the scent and longevity of the perfume.

2. What makes Glossier You so special?

Glossier You is known for its unique, skin-like scent that adapts to the wearer’s body chemistry. It’s a subtle, personal fragrance rather than a strong, overpowering one. Here’s what makes it stand out:

  • Unique, Skin-Like Scent: It blends with your natural body chemistry to create a personalized fragrance.
  • “No-Makeup Makeup” Vibe: It complements the natural beauty aesthetic Glossier promotes.
  • Simple and Chic Design: The packaging reflects Glossier’s minimalist and modern aesthetic.

3. What does Your perfume smell like?

Glossier You is described as having sparkling top notes of peppercorn and white florals with a warm, musky base. It’s designed to be a light and airy scent that evolves throughout the day.

However, due to the reformulation, some users report a slightly different scent profile. The new version might have a softer fragrance with less emphasis on the floral notes.

4. How long does Glossier perfume last?

Here’s the thing about longevity:

  • Original Formula: Known for its good longevity and projection (how far the scent travels).
  • New Formula: Some users report that the new formula has less projection and longevity than the original.

Ultimately, fragrance longevity depends on your body chemistry. Oilier skin often holds onto scents better.

Here’s a tip: Try layering Glossier You with a Glossier body lotion to potentially extend the wear time.

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