54 Top Nail Art Color for Summer 2024: This Stylish Shade is Having a Moment

Nail’s hairstyles come and go. People have different tastes, so not everyone will like them. If you change the color, though, things are different. They can make or break an outfit, depending on whether you paint them on or use them in a pattern. Recently, the web was enchanted by a select few hues.

On the other hand, as the year goes down, blue nails are becoming more common. A bold, cool-toned tint that goes with many different outfits has become more popular than classic reds and coffee browns. It’s likely to be one of the biggest trends in nail polish next year. Blue has a rich history in nail art, symbolizing calmness and tranquility. In ancient Egypt, blue nails were a sign of wealth and status. Today, blue nails are a popular choice for those looking to make a bold fashion statement.

According to the Pinterest Predicts Trends study, blue is set to dominate the makeup world in 2024. In the realm of manicures, the search volume for ‘blue nails’ has surged by a staggering 260%. This color palette offers a myriad of options, exuding a calming and serene vibe. Incorporating this trend into your nail routine can instantly refresh your look, even if you typically lean toward more traditional designs. Blue is the perfect choice for nail art that mirrors the snow and frosty chrome settings, two popular seasonal looks as winter approaches.

To spice up your manicure routine, try these vibrant blue nail ideas. Whether you’re looking for stylish short styles or trendy ombré hues, you’re sure to find a new favorite.



Blue Egg of a Robin


Blue Egg of a Robin


People usually think of poppies in the spring, but this color can be worn year-round because it is soft, thick, and bright. It’s the best choice for a beautiful manicure. It makes people feel better, which might be the best thing about this tint. When you wear a pair that has just been cleaned, you can’t help but feel better and happier. In short, it’s the best way to get over the winter blues (excuse the term).


Tips that go from blue to white


Tips that go from blue to white

French tips will always be in style, but changing the color doesn’t always make the style look new. With three current trends, this line brings a classic look into the present day. It doesn’t have white tips; it has sparkling blue finishes and clear statues. You end up with an ombré pattern that is both cold and hot, rough and smooth. To achieve this look, you’ll need a few tools. A nail file to shape your nails, a cuticle pusher to clean your cuticles, and a nail brush to apply the polish. These tools will help you create a professional-looking manicure at home.

See-through blue

See-through blue

There’s no doubt that metal is still in style. When mixed with a bare, light blue polish, it gives off a wintery vibe. Plain, shiny nails will do, but nail art will make you feel more cheerful. For drawing simple snowflakes on each finger, a finish that sparkles or a blue color that goes with it might work best. It’s not even about straight lines. The thing that makes each snowflake unique is that it is flawed.


Lapis Verde


Lapis Verde

Darker shades of blue have more tones than navy blue. Rich lapis is the right color for people who like their nails dark. This color stands out because it has unique shades of purple, gray, and blue. While designs are fun, this bright color makes a strong statement with less work. Just paint it a few times and add gloss to make it shine.


Electric Blue


Electric Blue

If you want to get noticed, shape your nails like almonds. They also make your fingers look longer. However, the effect is more substantial when a bright blue color is used to paint. With this set, you need to be very careful when measuring. The best results will come from intense colors in a smooth polish. Next, put on two coats to make the finish glossy.

French backwards

French backwards

The experts say the upside-down French manicure will be popular again in 2024. This style is like the half-moon pattern’s cool kid brother or sister. Instead of a bent shape, it uses a small pyramid to draw attention to the nail’s lunula. The manicure will have a high-gloss finish and a bright, inky blue color. This design works best on square or oval-shaped nails. The straight edges of the square shape or the rounded edges of the oval shape will help accentuate the pyramid shape of the design.

Drawing butterflies in watercolor

Drawing butterflies in watercolor
Drawing butterflies in watercolor


When is it not okay to do butterfly nail art? Even if you don’t really like Mariah Carey, you should still enjoy this beautiful manicure. Each fingernail is carefully painted by hand in a different shade of blue to make it look like waves on the ocean. Besides that, the design has some butterflies floating on top of it. When you’re done, the work will make you miss calm beaches and start planning your next trip.

Cool blue-gray

Cool blue-gray


Shiny, short nails are the best way to look elegant without drawing attention to yourself. Yes, licorice-colored nail polish is beautiful and will always be a winter favorite. However, frosty shades like this lime green can be worn if your nails are neat. On newly clipped toenails, it looks cool and trendy.

Azure Sparkle

Azure Sparkle


Now is the time of year for beauty looks that sparkle and shine. The traditional Christmas colors are red and green, but a sparkly blue is a lovely change. It might be hard to get a glitter manicure that looks perfect. An accessible version, on the other hand, lets you mix and match. If you’re tired of the same old basic set, give each nail a different design. The naked background will help ground the outfit so it doesn’t get too dramatic.


French toast

French toast


It turns out that royal blue polish works just as well for a French manicure as pure white paint. The tone makes it possible for the big square nails in this set to have a rich French pattern on them. What is it about this pedicure that makes you feel refreshed? Use a soft pink tone as your base. In addition to making the pattern look more natural, this will also make a nice difference.


Abstract Blue Nails:
Abstract Blue Nails


Nails with abstract designs using shades of blue, often incorporating geometric shapes or artistic patterns.

Intricate Floral Patterns on Classic Blue Nails:
Intricate Floral Patterns on Classic Blue Nails


Classic blue nails adorned with intricate floral designs, combining elegance with detailed floral artwork.

Blue Nails Adorned with Delicate Butterfly Motifs:
Blue Nails Adorned with Delicate Butterfly Motifs


Nails featuring delicate butterfly motifs over a blue base, creating a whimsical and feminine look.

A Classic With A Twist: Blue Jean Baby:
A Classic With A Twist: Blue Jean Baby


A twist on classic blue nails, possibly inspired by denim textures or shades, giving a trendy and casual vibe.

Blue Adidas-Inspired Nails with Iconic Stripes:
Blue Adidas-Inspired Nails with Iconic Stripes:

Nails inspired by Adidas branding, featuring blue hues and iconic stripes, perfect for sports enthusiasts or a stylish, athletic look.

Dark Blue Nails for Winter Majesty:
Dark Blue Nails for Winter Majesty:

Dark blue nails ideal for winter, conveying a regal and majestic appearance with deep, rich hues.

Almond-Shaped Dark Blue Nails:
Almond-Shaped Dark Blue Nails


Nails shaped in an almond style and painted with dark blue polish, offering a sleek and sophisticated appearance.

Royal Blue Ombre Nails with Glitters:
Royal Blue Ombre Nails with Glitters


Nails featuring a royal blue ombre effect, complemented by glitter accents for a glamorous and sparkling finish.

White and Royal Blue Nails:
White and Royal Blue Nails


Nails combining white and royal blue polish, creating a clean and contrasting color scheme.

Heart Designs on Glossy Acrylic Blue Nails:
Heart Designs on Glossy Acrylic Blue Nails


Acrylic nails painted in glossy blue with heart-shaped designs, adding a romantic and playful touch.

Acrylic Blue Marble Nails:
Acrylic Blue Marble Nails

Acrylic nails with a marble pattern in shades of blue, offering a sophisticated and artistic appearance.

Christmas Matte Blue Nails:
Christmas Matte Blue Nails

Matte finish blue nails designed for the Christmas season, possibly featuring festive motifs or colors.

Coffin-Shaped Ombre Blue Nails:
Coffin-Shaped Ombre Blue Nails

Coffin-shaped nails with an ombre effect using blue shades, emphasizing a trendy and edgy style.

Glitter Stiletto Blue Nails:

Glitter Stiletto Blue Nails

Stiletto-shaped nails adorned with blue glitter, creating a bold and glamorous look.

Dark Blue Ombre Nails:
Dark Blue Ombre Nails


Nails with a gradual ombre effect transitioning from light to dark blue, achieving a chic and stylish appearance.

Blue Nails with Gold Stars and Moon:
Blue Nails with Gold Stars and Moon

Blue nails decorated with gold stars and moon motifs, evoking a celestial and magical theme.

Chrome French Blue Nails:
Chrome French Blue Nails

French manicure nails with a chrome finish in blue tones, adding a metallic and futuristic touch.

French Blue Nails with Playful Cherry Accents:
French Blue Nails with Playful Cherry Accents

French manicure nails in blue with playful cherry designs or accents, creating a cute and cheerful style.

Matte & Metallic Navy Blue Mani:
Matte & Metallic Navy Blue Mani

Nails painted with a combination of matte and metallic navy blue polish, offering a sophisticated and modern appearance.

Ethereal Blue Nails:
Ethereal Blue Nails

Nails with an ethereal or mystical design using shades of blue, often incorporating shimmer or dreamy patterns.

Soft Baby Blue Acrylic Nails:
Soft Baby Blue Acrylic Nails

Acrylic nails painted in a soft baby blue shade, achieving a gentle and calming aesthetic.

Marble Blue Nails:
Marble Blue Nails


Nails with a marble pattern in blue hues, creating a luxurious and elegant appearance.

Pastel Blue Nails:
Pastel Blue Nails

Nails painted in pastel blue shades, offering a soft and delicate look suitable for various occasions.

Blue Nails with Opulent Gold Embellishments:
Blue Nails with Opulent Gold Embellishments


Blue nails adorned with luxurious gold embellishments, adding a touch of opulence and sophistication.

Blue Nails with Tranquil Cloud Designs:
Blue Nails with Tranquil Cloud Designs


Nails featuring tranquil cloud designs over a blue base, creating a serene and peaceful atmosphere.

Swirl Blue Nails with Hypnotic Patterns:
Swirl Blue Nails with Hypnotic Patterns

Nails with swirl patterns in shades of blue, creating a hypnotic and visually appealing design.

French Acrylic 3D Blue Nails:
French Acrylic 3D Blue Nails

3D acrylic nails in blue with a French manicure style, adding dimension and texture to the classic French nail look.

Shimmering Glittering Blue Nails:
Shimmering Glittering Blue Nails

Nails adorned with shimmering blue glitter, providing a dazzling and eye-catching effect.

Bold Electric Blue Nails:
Bold Electric Blue Nails

Nails painted in a bold electric blue shade, making a statement with vibrant and intense color.

Blossoming Floral Acrylic Baby Blue Nails:
Blossoming Floral Acrylic Baby Blue Nails


Acrylic nails in baby blue adorned with blossoming floral designs, offering a delicate and feminine appearance.

Soft Blush Blue Acrylic Nails:
Soft Blush Blue Acrylic Nails

Acrylic nails painted in a soft blush blue shade, combining a gentle hue with the durability of acrylic.

Light Blue Nails:
Light Blue Nails

Nails painted in a light blue shade, creating a fresh and airy look suitable for everyday wear.

Blue Flames French Nails:
Blue Flames French Nails

French manicure nails with a design resembling blue flames, adding a fiery and artistic touch.

Royal Blue Nails:
Royal Blue Nails

Nails painted in a royal blue shade, conveying a rich and luxurious appearance.

Baby Blue Nails with Floral Accents:
Baby Blue Nails with Floral Accents

Nails in baby blue with floral accents or designs, achieving a charming and elegant look.

Matte Blue Nails:
Matte Blue Nails

Nails finished with a matte texture in shades of blue, offering a chic and understated appearance.

Teal Ombre Blue Nails:
Teal Ombre Blue Nails

Nails featuring an ombre effect in teal and blue shades, creating a vibrant and stylish gradient.

Swirl Pink and Blue Nails:
Swirl Pink and Blue Nails

Nails with swirl patterns combining pink and blue shades, offering a playful and artistic design.

Vibrant Cobalt Blue Nails:
Vibrant Cobalt Blue Nails

Nails painted in a vibrant cobalt blue shade, making a bold and striking statement.

Starry Night Inspired Blue Nails:
Starry Night Inspired Blue Nails


Nails inspired by Vincent van Gogh’s “Starry Night,” featuring a blue color palette and starry motifs.

Light Blue Nails for a Calm Look:

Nails painted in light blue shades, creating a calm and soothing appearance suitable for relaxation.


Icy Blue Nails:
Icy Blue Nails

Nails painted in an icy blue shade, evoking a cool and refreshing aesthetic.

Leopard Blue Nails:
Leopard Blue Nails

Nails featuring a leopard print pattern in shades of blue, offering a bold and fashionable look.

Floral Blue Nails:
Floral Blue Nails

Nails adorned with floral designs in blue hues, adding a delicate and feminine touch.


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