How to Choose Confidence-Boosting Lingerie, According to a Boudoir Photographer

Boudoir Photographer Tips: Choose Confidence-Boosting Lingerie for Ultimate Empowerment

It can be hard to find the right underwear that makes you feel beautiful and sure of yourself. A boudoir photographer can capture that fight more intimately than anyone else. A picture of you naked might make it look like you’re looking for a relationship, but that’s not always the case. For a more personal reason, says New York City-based boudoir photographer Andrea B. Ballen, an intimate shot that shows a lot of skin is often the goal. “See and realize we are sensual beings, worthy of owning our sexuality without shame or fear.” That’s what she talks about with the people she meets. Ballen has seen a lot of different people have this problem. Others find it hard to love their bodies after giving birth because they have so many curves, scars, and stretch marks. Still, others want to love their bodies after getting divorced because they are no longer married. Ballen loves helping people realize they can love their bodies and themselves for the rest of their lives, no matter their fight. She also says that while she is counseling, people “let go of inhibitions, let go of fear, self-consciousness, body image issues, anything that’s been holding them back.” It’s also not a surprise that our underwear is often the first thing that gets in.

Feeling comfortable in lingerie can be hard, especially if you struggle with body confidence. After my body changed a lot, I found it tough to feel good about myself. But working with Ballen, a skilled boudoir photographer, changed everything.
Feeling comfortable in lingerie can be hard, especially if you struggle with body confidence. After my body changed a lot, I found it tough to feel good about myself. But working with Ballen, a skilled boudoir photographer, changed everything.

In our pre-shoot meeting, Ballen listened to my worries and helped me pick lingerie and accessories that suited my body. I was able to relax and enjoy the lesson because she helped me. Her opinion was that dressing properly could make a big difference.
When we talked before the shot, Ballen listened to my worries and told me what to wear, including what to wear under my clothes.

Her advice made me feel more comfortable and confident about the shoot. She told me the right outfit could make a big difference.

On the shoot day, Ballen created a friendly and supportive atmosphere. Her professional advice and kind words helped me relax. As the session went on, I started to feel my fears disappear. I began to see myself in a new way and appreciate my body.

When I saw the final photos, I was amazed. The confident person in the pictures was me—strong, beautiful, and sure of myself. Ballen had captured a side of me I had never seen. This experience gave me beautiful photos and a new level of self-confidence.
When I saw the final photos, I was amazed. The confident person in the pictures was me—strong, beautiful, and sure of myself. Ballen had captured a side of me I had never seen. This experience gave me beautiful photos and a new level of self-confidence

Ballen gives excellent advice on what to look for in lingerie if you want to feel better about your lingerie confidence, whether you’re interested in a boudoir session or not.

First Look at the Bodysuit and Statement Robe: Insights from a Boudoir Photographer


Empower Your Confidence: Master the Art of Selecting Empowering Lingerie

Ballen says lingerie is “the beautiful, delicious frosting on your celebration cake,” so it should be comfy. It meant that I could wear clothes that didn’t rub, pinch, or make it hard in any other way, and it also meant that I could feel like myself. According to Ballen, the best way to start wearing underwear is to pair a tight bodysuit with a theater robe. She quickly says, “Bodysuits are great for people who want to be more modest.” What a great thought! I didn’t feel very confident because the skin on my stomach was drooping. I spent a lot of money on a pale blue lace bodysuit for the event. I did what Ballen said and ensured it fit just right, not too tight, so everything would stay the same when I leaned over. The Parade Sweet Romance Lace Bodysuit did have a sexual and sweet feel to it.

Also, a dramatic robe tied around the waist was an excellent way to stay partly covered since Ballen knew it would be a little scary for me to walk around in my underwear with anyone other than my partner. I also liked that swishing the robe gave me something physical to do with my hands, which helped me position (more on that later), especially since I don’t like being shot.

Some of Ballen’s best modest first lingerie looks include bodysuits and eye-catching robes.

Stockings and a Garter Set (#2)


Also, see Stockings and a Garter Set (#2)

After dancing for an hour in my soft robe, I felt hot. I didn’t want to show too much by removing the robe and wearing just the leotard, so this garter look with some covering would work. “Three-piece sets with a constructed garter are not only for the bold but can also conceal a mid-section without making you look like you are hiding a thing,” says Ballen—the perfect piece to move on to the next level. The garter belt held in the sagging skin on my stomach, which I was still nervous about, and the stockings kept things somewhat hidden.

According to Ballen, you can get this three-piece set from Amazon for $19. “Unless you are looking for investment pieces, you don’t have to spend a fortune to look like a million bucks,” she said. She says that Amazon’s underwear range may surprise you with its high quality and low prices. You can also try out different color shades without spending much money. Ballen says to avoid using bright colors that are hard to see, like neon pinks. Instead, use jewel or earth tones, like the green set I have on top.

Stockings are the last thing that this style needs. Ballen offers a classic black sheer top with lace for a look that will never go out of style. It goes with a retro look just as well as an edgy or romantic one. I liked how they helped you strike poses and made your style stand out. I felt much better about them after Ballen took pictures of me putting them on and having them on my belt.

Before you see the next look, check out more of Ballen’s suggestions for garter sets and stockings in different styles.

Third outfit: everything is black


How to Choose Confidence-Boosting Lingerie, According to a Boudoir Photographer
How to Choose Confidence-Boosting Lingerie, According to a Boudoir Photographer

No matter what type of panties you like, nothing looks or feels hotter than a classic black bra and panty. It’s lovely that this style is so easy to change to suit your tastes. Want a look that reminds you of BDSM? Make the straps longer if you want a set that looks like a harness. Could you unwind in style? Try a cotton set instead. Ballen says the bare Calvin Klein cotton bralette and shorts are popular. Nobody can help but find a black set that speaks to them. Ballen says, “Black is classy and sophisticated,” the pictures bear this out.

The sheer mesh outfit I chose for this look is from Harper Wilde’s luxurious line. The high-waisted bottoms covered me enough to feel safe, and the soft mesh material that wasn’t lined made this set feel good to wear. Even though it was pretty straightforward, I liked it. That was my first thought, though. However, by the time we got to this pose, I felt a massive rush of untamed sexual confidence. With wild desire and fire, I touched my body while I posed without thinking. It led to my favorite picture from the whole shoot. When compared to the first shot, which has my dramatic cape, the lack of stress is apparent. “it’s very similar to watching a great movie with a complex character who grows into the best version of themselves, perhaps starting nervously but ending up glowing up, triumphantly, in the end,” Ballen, a boudoir photographer, told me when I mentioned this emotion. There is a reason why black underwear is classic: it looks good on everyone, goes with any outfit, and comes in a vast range of materials and styles.

You can feel better about your self-esteem by looking at the classic black outfits below.

#1: Stiletto heels make you look better


Stiletto heels make you look better

Charlotte Lewis wore some Stilleto heels in her bedroom.

Even though it’s unnecessary, Ballen suggests pairing your underwear with beautiful seductive stilettos. Putting on high shoes is the best way to finish off a lingerie look, especially if you want to keep track of your clothes for later. High heels make your legs look longer, and your buttocks stand taller, making your slim body look more tense. Since we already said that we review sex toys, I don’t think it would come as a surprise to hear that building excitement is a vital part of making sexual situations. We’ll say that a group of people are interested in feet. Even though high heels are pretty, stilettos are the most enticing.

This five-inch show-stopper might have been too much for some, or maybe I just needed a little help standing in them (flirting with danger is often used to mean sexy, and heels this high are risky!). In addition, it gives you a chance to try out different styles. With their fun snake-strapped ankles, these shoes made me think of Medusa. However, if stilettos are too high for you, standard black pumps will work just fine.

Check out our picks for the sexiest high shoes that will make people look twice as soon as you put them on.

Bold jewelry is the second accessory


Bold jewelry is the second accessory

Direct contact with your body is a great way to get to know it, but it can be challenging. Because of this, Ballen suggests adding a collar or a bright necklace to give you something to hold on to. As you can see, it gave me a place to rest my hand without making me feel awkward, which is the last thing you want when you’re passionate.

Add something that stands out, like a bold collar, to achieve your desired look. For a few shots, I wore a big gold choker that Ballen had with her, but I first wore this beautiful fake sapphire choker from J.Crew.

I’m sorry, but I’m sold out. However, you can find many different statement necklaces in various types and at various prices in other shops. Look over the options given below.

My nude shoot went precisely as Ballen said it would.”It is unbelievably empowering to strip [your clothes] away and to take your vulnerability and turn it into power.” she told me. That’s right, yes. By the end of the afternoon, I was brave enough to take off all of my clothes and stand naked on a bed sheet I’m sorry, but those pictures will not be shared online). When I finally did it and put on the underwear that had scared me, I started to like the best parts of my body. I didn’t notice the loose skin or broken hair because I was looking at the actual sexpot’s bright, dangerous eyes. As I put on and took off layers of underwear, I could feel my nervousness going away just by looking at the pictures that came out of it. Ballen has helped me feel better about myself in lingerie, and it would have been clear if I had been in the picture shoot or not. In her final words, Ballen says, “It shows the beautiful side of you that your mirror might not show.” Showing yourself that you deserve to love yourself… Because your true self is waiting for you to see how beautiful, sexy, and badass she is” is a saying that goes with putting on showing underwear. You might feel like nothing can stop you when you do that.


Extra Tips to Help You Choose Lingerie

Accept your individual style. Lingerie is a personal choice, and what makes you feel strong is also unique to you. Try on a bunch of different styles, colors, and fabrics until you find the one that makes you feel the best.
Invest in quality. Lingerie of better quality may cost more, but it’s worth the money. Things that are made well will fit better, feel better, and last longer.

Trust is important: How you feel when you wear underwear is the most important thing. Choose things that make you feel strong and sure of yourself.
Talk to a professional: If you don’t know what size you are or what styles will look best on you, don’t be afraid to ask a professional shaper for help. They could help you and give you good advice.
These tips will help you choose strong underwear that looks good and makes you feel good. Remember that the right underwear can boost your confidence and make you feel better about how you look.




In the journey to self-acceptance and empowerment, finding the right lingerie can be transformative. Through the lens of a boudoir photographer like Andrea B. Ballen, it becomes clear that lingerie isn’t just about outward appearance—it’s about reclaiming one’s sensuality and self-worth. Whether navigating post-weight-loss changes or rediscovering confidence after life’s upheavals, Ballen’s guidance proves invaluable. Her approach emphasizes comfort, style, and the power of intimate self-expression, reminding us that embracing our bodies, scars, curves, and all, is a journey worth celebrating. In the end, it’s not just about the lingerie—it’s about embracing the beauty and strength within.




I wouldn’t say I like how I look, and looking for underwear scares me. What should I do?

A: You’re not by yourself! Many people have problems with their appearance, and shopping for underwear can be scary. But a lingerie shooter can make you feel better about yourself. It’s not just about getting hot pictures at a boudoir shoot; it’s also about loving your body and being sure of yourself.

What about underwear? Can it make me feel better about myself?

A: The right underwear can make you feel strong! It should fit well, be comfy, and show off your best traits. A boudoir photographer can help you look and feel beautiful in clothes that fit your body type.

How can I find clothing that makes me feel good about myself?

A: Here are some tips from a boudoir photographer:

Get properly fitted. This will ensure the clothes fit well, essential for comfort and confidence.
Feel free to follow fads; be proud of your style. Pick underwaear that makes you feel good about yourself.
Please pay attention to comfort: lingerie shouldn’t pinch, dig, or make moving hard.
Start with a swimsuit and robe. This can be a more humble choice that still makes you feel good.
If you’re self-conscious about your stomach, a garter set might help smooth and hide it.
Don’t be afraid of black. A black bra and pants set is always a good pick. Black can be worn in many ways and styles.
Add accessories! A statement necklace or jewelry can boost your confidence and give you something to look at during a boudoir shoot.

What about heels?

A: You don’t have to wear high heels, but they can make your legs look longer and boost your confidence. But pick a height that feels good to you.

Do you think a nude shoot will make me feel better about my body?

A: Of course! From picking out the lingerie to seeing the final pictures, the whole boudoir experience can be empowering. It’s a chance to enjoy your body and see your beauty.

Here are some suggestions tailored to each article:

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